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Top Six Solutions For Your Small Space

Got a small room? Not sure what to do with it? Wish it was just something … more? Well, don’t bolt for the sledge hammer just yet. There are solutions very well within your reach that will take little to no construction. Follow us down the online rabbit hole of ways you can make a big impact on your tiny room. Look Up The best trick in the book: draw the eyes up! This can be done in a few, easy ways. The first is to turn your ceiling into your very own Cysteine Chapel. If you want to...

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Home Office Breakdown

America’s workforce is changing. Automation and cheaper labor overseas are reducing the number of jobs available, and more opportunities for home-based businesses are taking their place. Whether you freelance, sell your own hand-made products, or work for a network marketing team, the chances of you working from home are only growing. You might think, Have phone/laptop. Will work anywhere. And that’s mostly true. As long as you have a connection to WiFi, you have the ability to do business. But you’re also more open to distractions typing away on your couch in front of the television. If you have...

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Instantly Freshen Up A Room And Save Some Cash With These DIY Paint Tips

Styles come and go. Your renovation work will last for years to come, but the finer details of decor will be up for a redo much sooner. The good news is, it only takes a fresh coat of paint to change the look and feel of a room in a matter of days. Considering how lengthy a reno or remodeling is, that’s a walk in the park. You could hire out for this job, but if you’re wanting a change without spending a bunch of money, then taking on the task yourself is both within your skill set and...

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For Your Consideration: Open Floor Plans

It’s finally happening. You’ve bought a plot of land and you’re making plans to develop your new home onto it. Are you in for a wild ride or what? You probably have an idea of what you’re going to do in this land of nothing but possibilities. There is a long road ahead of you. One thing you’ll want to nail down, though, is your floor plan. Open floor plans are all the rage. They’re not new. In fact, if you think about the homesteaders and their sod houses, open floor plans were all that existed. Granted, we’ve come...

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Major/Minor, Renovation/Remodel; What’s The Difference?

They all mean basically the same thing, right? Well… they all concern the same thing: home improvement. In reality, though, there are quite a few differences including the amount of money you’re likely to spend to the types of jobs that your undertake, these two seemingly interchangeable terms will be a bit more exclusive by the time we’re through gabbing about it. Let’s get started. Opposites. Simple Concept. Obviously, the most glaring difference is in the first two words themselves. Major implies a large, huge, massive, enormous, dramatic change to your home. Minor clearly conveys something smaller, less noticeable,...

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