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Laundry Room Makeover: Helpful Tips And Tricks

You know how home improvements are typically geared towards increasing value as well as efficiency? Sure. That’s like square one for all home renovations and remodels. It’s also why most people tend to put their efforts in rooms with the highest volume of traffic and utility, aka bathrooms and the kitchen. There’s one room, though, that is highly used, but only by like one, maybe two people, in the house that often gets neglected: the laundry room. It’s so mired down in function (and a tedious function at that) that it’s easy to think there’s no point in renovating...

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Bathroom Renovations: Major, Minor, Worth It?

Fact: Home renovations cost a lot of money. Fact: Home renovations can recoup a lot of money at resale. Fact: You don’t have to completely gut your home to create a fresh new look for your home, though it isn’t the worst idea anyone’s ever had… When it comes to renovations, you want to be sure that the upgrades you’re making service your daily life as much as they increase the overall value of your home. Bathroom renovations are neck and neck with Kitchen renovations in both popularity and return value. So what kind of reno do you attempt...

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Bedroom Updos

Bedrooms are some of the last rooms to get any love as far as home improvements are concerned. You’ve got your sheets, your furniture, and your paint; you’re good to go, right? Well, sure. When it comes to investing wisely in your home taking care of things like leaking roofs, updating old appliances, converting to green energy sources, and the like are much further up on the hierarchy than simple luxuries like a brand new bedroom. The most function you need for your bedroom is a comfortable space to sleep, possibly a desk for whatever work couldn’t be finished...

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A Facelift For Your Home

We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve the inside of our home. Makes sense. We spend more time indoors than we do sitting on the curb looking at our house from the outside. However, only you and your guests are privy to the updates you make in your kitchen, living, bed or bathrooms. We don’t often think about fixes we can make to the exterior of our homes. But you should. Especially if you have plans to put your house on the market in the near future. Upping your curb appeal will make the best first impression for anyone...

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New Home New Habits: Keeping Your Reno Tidy

You made it! You budgeted. You researched. You dreamed and you came back to reality. You broke ground and put it all back together again. You went through the torture of complete upheaval and made it out with a beautiful new space that sparks all kinds of joy within your soul. And in a week it’ll be messed up again, right? That may have been the old you. But since you’ve thrown out old appliances, furniture, fixtures, and design trends why stop there? Why not continue this “new” groove with some new, tidy habits? It may seem daunting at...

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