We’re constantly thinking of ways to improve the inside of our home. Makes sense. We spend more time indoors than we do sitting on the curb looking at our house from the outside. However, only you and your guests are privy to the updates you make in your kitchen, living, bed or bathrooms. We don’t often think about fixes we can make to the exterior of our homes. But you should. Especially if you have plans to put your house on the market in the near future. Upping your curb appeal will make the best first impression for anyone looking to buy. Here are a few updates you can make to flip the cover of your book.


Let’s start with the easiest of projects, painting. If you have brick, siding, stucco, or even wood, painting your house can do wonders for drawing the eyes of eager on-lookers. If you have a single-story home the chances are you’ll be able to tackle this project over a nice spring weekend. Any home improvement store will have all the supplies you need, plus helpful information from their employees. Should be faced with a two-story project, on the other hand, hiring a professional is the better option. Simply because you’ll need more than an extension handle to reach the second story. Scaffolding will be a must and the cost to even rent this equipment is better put towards hiring a professional.

Flip The Facing

Whether you choose a composite stone facing or real masonry facing, wood paneling, brick, stucco or siding changing up the siding of your home will definitely give your house a brand new look and feel. The austerity of brick isn’t just classically gorgeous, but it’s also an excellent natural sound barrier. Stucco will add texture and create a very modern feel. You could even opt for a utilitarian smooth concrete face.

Adding/Removing Shutters Or Awnings

Every home has windows, but not every home has shutters. Shutters are a great way to accentuate those windows. Or if you already have them, you can remove them to create more of a minimalist look to your home. You could even switch up the type of shutters for a different design or paint them to match or compliment your house with a bright pop of color. Awnings can be another great addition, adding a little extra aesthetic while also providing some glorious shade for your windows.

Changing The Entrance

If you have just a basic door serving as the entrance, jazz it up with the addition of a porch, some columns or a brand new door altogether. Your porch doesn’t have to be a full on veranda like that Victorian house from The Game of Life. A small porch with columns and a roofed awning to feature the entrance more prominently will make a welcoming first impression to your home. Add a few extras plants, maybe a bench or porch swing and you’ve got the perfect perch for enjoying the longer days that drift into night.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be contained to the insides of your house. Next time you’re considering a few home upgrades think outside the box – or rather, home.