Bedrooms are some of the last rooms to get any love as far as home improvements are concerned. You’ve got your sheets, your furniture, and your paint; you’re good to go, right? Well, sure. When it comes to investing wisely in your home taking care of things like leaking roofs, updating old appliances, converting to green energy sources, and the like are much further up on the hierarchy than simple luxuries like a brand new bedroom. The most function you need for your bedroom is a comfortable space to sleep, possibly a desk for whatever work couldn’t be finished at the office, and enough storage to contain your wardrobe.

That doesn’t mean you have to live in a squalor of beige, though. While you’ll want to save your major renovations for something like geothermal HVAC or a new kitchen, you can still spend a modest amount on a small remodel and give your bedroom the much needed facelift to create a space that’s comfy and cozy. Here’s how…

Your personal style can best be expressed in the bedroom. This is something kids and teens really enjoy having control over. Your bedroom is where your personal space to escape the rest of the noise and bustle of the outside world. When it comes to picking colors, comfort should be at the forefront and there are a multitude of ways to accomplish this.

For a luxurious feel that wraps you in warmth, rich jewel tones will do just the trick. Deep navy blues and burgundy envelope you in a cocoon of comfort. You can go all out and create a tonal room with this darker, opulent palette, or you can make them the pop of magnificent color in an otherwise neutral room.

Simplicity contains its own level of comfort. If you have a particularly high stress job with lots happening at one, designing a bedroom that sticks to one tone can instantly clear the mind with its minimal nature. Blush pink or neutral blues bring a sense of calm to any room. Keep it light and airy working on this cool tone. You can embellish the room with textures in your bedding, artwork, furniture, or even lighting fixtures. Layer rugs of different pile, pattern, and texture for a luscious look and feel.

More Than Just A Place To Rest Your Head
If you’ve got a larger bedroom and don’t want it to feel like a desolate wasteland, there are purposes beyond sleeping that your bedroom can accommodate. An avid reader will flourish with a reading nook in the corner of their bedroom. A modest built-in bookcase next to a window complete with an oversized chair or hammock hung from the ceiling is the perfect getaway.

Instead of placing the tv directly in front of your bed, add an entertainment area. Studies show you get a more fitful sleep when you aren’t watching tv from your bed. A small loveseat or two welcoming chairs with a small coffee table on an area rug fix this problem. You now have a space for entertainment and a space for sleep.

Bedrooms may not be the centerpiece of your home, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely undeserving of decorative love. Remodeling your personal space as you’re able to finally satisfy the need for a snug, inviting retreat from it all will add value to your quality of life, and your home.