What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Remodel

The internet is a plethora of knowledge, tips and how-tos on just about everything. Sure, Border’s once had the monopoly on How To Books on their shelves. But today, it is at your fingertips at all times. And maybe it’s this lack of effort required to obtain knowledge that encourages us to leave researching til the last minute. However, if there’s one thing you don’t want to procrastinate in preparing, it’s a home renovation. I’m not talking, “I’m bored. Let’s paint the living room, dear” kind of reno. I’m talking full on showering bird bath style in your kitchen sink in front of the 15 guys you’ve hired to handle your massive overhaul kind of renovation.

Anyone who’s been through a reno will tell you what it’s like. But if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to hear the Saga of Dan and Sarah Almost Killed Each Other Over Backsplash, here are the first steps in how-to prepare for a major remodel.

Suss It Out

Before walking into a store and choosing paint chips, have a real, clear, and honest conversation about what you and your spouse want from the remodel. What you need: More Space? More Efficiency? Easier Access? What’s the Big Picture Goal, what is small and nice but not absolutely vital? Once you are in accord with one another on the Big Picture Goals you can delve into smaller details like types of countertops, floors, walls, brands and aesthetics. Don’t get hung up on those details now – you may find something you like later down the line at a better cost, or run into unexpected issues taking money out of the budget for your small personal pool in the Master Bath, but it never hurts to communicate your vision with your partner to better stay on the same page throughout the process. Lastly, perhaps THE MOST important conversation you should have is your budget. Know exactly what you can comfortably spend, what you could come up with in an emergency, and exactly where to draw the line. Have this conversation with each other – and be realistic, none of this trying to make the other person happy at whatever cost nonsense – as well as your contractor. Renovations test relationships on the harshest of levels and you will undoubtedly meet your challenges. Communicating is the number one key to success in the end. Always, always, always be in communication with your team.

Suss Them Out

It’s going to be a team effort not just between you and your partner or spouse, but between the two of you and your contractor. Finding the right contractor is the difference between… well, everything. Check their website, unaffiliated review sites, their past projects (if you can visit old project sites in person, even better), and compare them with other contractors. Ask your neighbors and friends who they’ve used, what they liked best and least about their contractors. Meet with the contractors for quotes and also so you can meet and get a feel for how you communicate. You want someone you can trust to not just deliver a quality job, but lead you in the right direction when problems do arise, someone who has your needs and budget in mind at all times and will use those as their guide to arriving at a solution. Meet with contractors until you are satisfied and confident in your decision. You contractor along with your solid vision are the backbone of the entire project. Trust and comfort with your contractor is key.

There’s much more to know before delving into a major home renovation. But if you can master these two elements you can master even the fiercest of renovations. Keep your communication and vision clear and you can’t lose.