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Whether you are looking for solitude or a great place for entertaining, we have it all. Our experts will walk you through what best fits your house and style.
LAR Construction & Remodeling specializing in designing and constructing quality timber decks and structures in and around California. We are knowledge to be able to provide you with the very best deck to suit your lifestyle and budget.
Start experiencing the beautiful outdoor space and lasting beauty in the comfort of your own backyard with patio covers. The patio offers the ideal outdoor area to entertain family, friends, and guest at backyard gatherings, parties, and bbqs.
California offers the most ideal weather with an abundance amount of sunshine throughout the year, most homeowners like to enjoy spending time outdoors for fresh air. If your backyard is fully exposed to direct sunlight, it may be difficult to enjoy the outdoors. Lacking shade, that’s when a patio cover comes works in your favor. Luckily, LAR offers the perfect solution for you.
Our team of designers will work with you to help guide you in choosing the best type of cover suited for your home. A patio cover will create endless amounts of opportunities for you and your family, friends, and guest to relax, and enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come.


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