» Room Addition

You love your home but find yourself continuously running out of space. The perfect solution to this dilemma is a room addition to your already lovable home. Not only expanding your square footage, but this can significantly increase your homes aesthetic appearance, functionality, and overall value of your home. With this new space, the varieties of options are endless.
Being the most cost-efficient solution for homeowners, this will take away the stress of having to search for a new home, and sell your current home. Our team of in house designers and architects are extremely have accumulated years of experience and are knowledgeable of guidelines, and limitations. From consultation to designs, LAR is here to help you navigate this journey in making important decisions and obtaining all the permits necessary to begin.
Not only will a room addition add value to your home, but more importantly will make it a more comfortable space to live in. The options are endless for what you can do with a room addition:

  • ADU (Additional dwelling unit) for surplus income
  • Addition living room
  • 2nd story addition
  • At-home office
  • Gym
  • Art Studio
  • Entertainment Room
  • Playroom


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